Creativity and innovation have joined hands with culinary advances to bring an exciting new development to the Antigua and Barbuda hospitality and tourism stage - introducing food lovers and appetites to restauranteurs and their delectable creations. With an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and reliance on digital technology, we're seeing greater demand for simple and easy services that can provide consumers with what they need in an instant. That is the foundation of MEALOOP - Bringing Food to tummies across the island is literally changing the way we eat and how restaurants are run. It stands as a direct bridge between supply and demand. Whether catering to a random craving at home or addressing the last minute menu search of desperate husband scrambling with plans for an anniversary - the app serves all needs. There is a point in the week when even dedicated cooks get tired of making meals at home. And for that, MEALOOP brings together restaurants large and small from across the island and maps them geometrically to the user’s handsets, making available instantly a complete menu of delicacies for craving palettes. Whether fine-dinging, off the grill or even cocktails - restaurants are merely a thought and app access away. For individuals sitting at home in their pajamas but craving T-Bone stake cooked medium-well, this can be ordered and delivered where possible or picked up where necessary. It allows restaurateurs and managers to connect directly with customers through a separate platform called ‘MEALOOP MANAGER’ where the former is able to update the latter on order status from “received” to “ready” and (where applicable) “en route”. They can compete for what food gurus term “a share of the stomach” (from supermarkets of course). Rather than going out to look for food, individuals can push a button and have their meal delivered in around 30 minutes from some of their favourite restaurants. The app allows for restaurants to freely adjust their opening hours, create delivery-only menus and opening pop-up stores, while shifting their marketing online and to social media - instantly expanding their reach and appeal. It also creates opportunities were emerging for fledgling restaurateurs can open delivery kitchens without the high cost of restaurant fitouts. For the multitude of young people in the local industry looking to own restaurants or business, MEALOOP now lifts that barrier to market entry and allows for growth and market penetration. Later, in its development, MEALOOP will introduce its ‘MEALOOP DRIVER’ app that will connect food, driver or delivery service, and customer. Together, the three will seamlessly bring food to the people that crave it most, why simultaneously linking supply with demand and creating alternative jobs where possible. The DRIVER app is essentially created for businesses wanting to reach new customers without the effort and expense of running their own deliveries. MEALOOP is being introduced as a free app in the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store and will remain freely accessible to all users. Registered restaurants have the advantage of sharing - across a comprehensive user platform - specials on breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails hours, weekend and holiday closing and opening hours and more. The MANAGER arm allows restaurateurs and managers to track demographic and other statistics of users, what they order, where from and more.

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